Help me make it better, bb?

Hello Everybody,

I’ve been working super hard over the past couple of weeks to make the MFC Assistant extension. It’s got a few bugs in it that I need to iron out. Once I fix those, it’s gonna be a super awesome tool for models to use on MFC. I’m running into a bit of a brick wall. You see.. I’m not a model and as such I don’t actually have access to the Model Web (for which this extension is built). So in order for me to know that any bugs are actually fixed I find myself spending a great deal of time waiting around for feedback from a small handful of models who have graciously volunteered to test the extension before I release updates.

I’m looking for models who use Google Chrome who are willing to test the extension while it’s buggy!

EDIT: Since I authored this post, I have released a version for Mozilla Firefox which needs to be tested as well!

If you’re a model on MFC and you’re interested in helping me test this, shoot me a DM on twitter @Moros1138

Thanks for your attention and if you’re a prospective tester THANK YOU in advance!


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