Last Test Day 11/30

Hello Everybody,

I’ve added a bunch of new features to the MFC Assistant. It’s ready for a final round of testing! But, here’s the catch! You see, there’s this other project I’m working on for Cammodel Express. It’s called the Profile Builder. I start working on the Profile Builder again in December with a rigorous schedule and a goal to release an update for New Years’.

What does this mean for the MFC Assistant?
Long story short. The MFC Assistant is a side project. So I work on it when and if I have to the time to work on it. After today my schedule is going to be pretty full while developing the Profile Builder. Normally I don’t press for urgency, but if I don’t get testers for it today, it won’t be until next year that a new release becomes publicly available. Yes, I’ll be THAT busy!

If you’d like to participate in testing, I can be reached on twitter @Moros1138. When you do contact me regarding testing please have the following information ready:

  • What browser are you going to test? (Chrome or Firefox)
  • What time are you free to meet with me to conduct the test?
  • What timezone are you in? (So there’s no scheduling mishaps)

Thank you all in advance for your help making the MFC Assistant even better!



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