MFC Assistant Version 1.0.12

Hello Everybody,

I just pushed the latest version of the MFC Assistant on the Chrome Store.

A Quick Note to Firefox Users

The MFC Assistant is currently waiting to be reviewed on Mozilla’s Addon site. Once it passes review, I’ll be adding a link to the Firefox version from the MFC Assistant page.

EDIT: The Firefox Add-on reviewers have decided that it would be best to keep the MFC Assistant unlisted on the Mozilla Add-on site. Their reason for their decision is because they can’t test it without access to the Model Web on MFC. That’s not likely to happen… EVER.. But they did tell me that they would sign my Add-on and I could distribute it myself and set up automatic updates for it myself. So I did! Check out the MFC Assistant page to install it on Firefox!

What’s New in Version 1.0.12?

  • Fixed Token Keno
  • Broadcaster detection

Token Keno has been broken ever since I switch from the Member site method to the Model Web. I have located the bug in the code and fixed it!

Previously, the assistant only check to make sure that the Model Web was broadcasting after the initial startup. Now it checks constantly and if the broadcaster is closed (via private show or closing the browser tab), the assistant will stop all timers and reset all of the internal game variables.

Feature Ideas I’mĀ Thinking Of Adding

  • Message carousel
  • Token Raffle

The Message Carousel

I’m thinkingĀ of a way to have many messages in a list. Here’s how I think it’ll work.

  • You add messages (from your Saved/Timed Messages) to the carousel’s list
  • You set a delay (say 5 minutes)
  • You hit the start button

The carousel will then post the first message from the list, then wait 5 minutes and post the next message and so on until it reaches the end. Then it starts back over at the beginning of the list until you stop the carousel.

The Token Raffle

I’m thinking of doing a Token Raffle Here’s how I think it’ll work.

  • You set a ticket price
  • Hit the Start button
  • When it’s time, hit the Pick A Winner button

Members tip you the amount of tokens for the ticket price. The assistant adds a 1 ticket to the ticket pool, with the member’s mfc name attached to it.

When you click Pick A Winner, it picks a random ticket from the ticket pool and announces the winner to the room.

That’s it for now! Do you have an idea for new features? Did you find a bug? Contact me @Moros1138.


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