MFC Assistant Version 1.0.14

Hello Everybody,

I just pushed the latest version of the MFC Assistant. It is currently available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

What’s New in Version 1.0.14?

Well first, you might ask.. What happened to 1.0.13? The answer is simple. I screwed up while I was testing the Firefox deployment and I didn’t want to release one version for Chrome and another version for Firefox even though they’re the same! So instead of splitting them, I skipped over 1.0.13’s release and added it to this release!

  • 1.0.14
    • All form components now have built in validation!
    • Fixed chat form submit bug.
    • Fixed icon toggles for Start/Stop Timer in Messages
    • Fixed icon toggles for Add to/Remove from Carousel in Message
    • Added Disable all message inputs and message removal while the Message Carousel is running
    • Added Disable all game inputs while the game is running.
    • Added Confirm dialogs to Remove Message and Stop buttons for the games
  • 1.0.13
    • Tweak Firefox deployment.
    • Fix token keno bug.
    • Added Footer and Donate button.
    • Fixed dropdown menu click bug.
    • Remove autocomplete from chat and fake tip.
    • Added member’s site module.
    • Added Message Carousel to Saved/Timed Message

A Note about Auto-Updates (Firefox)

Firefox automatically checks for updated Add-ons once-per-day. The MFC Assistant will be updated automatically when this happens. If you want to force it to update, head into the Add-ons manager click the Settings drop-down menu and select “Check for Updates”firefox-force-update

A Note about Auto-Updates (Chrome)

It takes Google about an hour to post an extension update. Then it can take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours for an Auto-Update to install the latest version of extensions you’ve already installed. You can force the updates by heading into the Extensions manager. Turn on Developer Mode.


Developer Mode reveals the “Update Extensions Now” button. This will force all your extensions to update right then, including the MFC Assistant.


Don’t forget to turn off Developer Mode after you’ve finished!

That’s it for now! Do you have an idea for new features? Did you find a bug? Contact me @Moros1138.


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