New site!

So, you may have noticed that this site has gone through several changes over the years. The big one is the site’s disappearance several months ago and now it’s return!

The reason I took the site down was because I had found that I had neglected it so much that it had been hacked! Don’t worry! I’ve since completely removed every trace of the garbage they installed and this time I intend to keep a much closer eye on things and also to apply all of the tricks I’ve learned about securing WordPress from the work I do over at Cammodel Express.

Anyways, I’ve been super busy with Cammodel Express (100+ hour weeks writing the Profile Builder) that I haven’t been able to focus on getting my site back up and running. Well, this has changed. I’m forcing myself to take longer and more meaningful breaks from coding. This means that I now have free time to edit videos again! WOOT!

Thanks for dropping by! If you have any questions about who I am or the services I provide feel free to contact me.


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