The MFC Assistant and Your Security!

Hello Everybody,

Since I’ve announced my release of the Myfreecams Assistant there has been an outpouring of praise and I thank each of you who believe in this project!

There are a small handful of people who have raised concerns about security and privacy. I would like to address your concerns.

I agree!

If I was a run-of-the-mill member, I’d be right there with you! I’m gonna start by stating what should be obvious. NEVER INSTALL browser extensions of any kind from a source you don’t trust! Because the security and privacy concerns are justified! If you are going to install and run a browser extension, you should do so from trusted sources and even then you should do so cautiously.

I am a long time contributor to the model community. I am the co-founder of Cammodel Express and I am the developer of the Profile Builder tool available on that site. I have worked very hard to gain the reputation, and trust, I have within the model community. I made this extension with the hopes that it will be useful!

This is true of any browser extension you install! If it has the permission to read and modify data, it has the capability to do evil things. The operative word here is “capability”. Just because something CAN do something evil does not absolutely mean that it WILL do something evil! Take a look at the Ad blocking extensions and how much information you allow them to modify! If that doesn’t scare you, … it should!

The Myfreecams Assistant does not have permission to access your location. There is a difference, in terms of add-ons and extensions between accessing browsing history (in the case of the assistant, accessing the URLs of the open tabs) and accessing your location. The assistant has absolutely no need to access your location so I haven’t added the permissions for it!

Even if I go crazy, as you put it, I would be going crazy alone and with nothing! Because the extension is isolated to your browser. My ultimate goal with this extension, aside from being helpful to the community, was to not have it be dependent on any central server for data storage! All of the information the assistant collects is stored in your browser’s local storage WHERE IT STAYS! The assistant doesn’t, and will never, call to any outside servers to send or receive information. This is something fewer and fewer software developers can say!

Let’s face it. Nothing I can say here proves that my extension is safe for you to use.

So don’t trust me… trust my source code!

Thanks for reading! If you have concerns that weren’t covered here, feel free to talk to me @Moros1138


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